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Zinc Worktops

Zinc is a natural metallic element used for a variety of functions.  In metalic form, it has a high resistance to atmospheric corrosion and a major use is as a protective coating for iron and steel sheet and wire.

Zinc is also an essential mineral required by the body for maintaining a sense of smell, keeping a healthy immune system and building proteins.

It is this anti-bacteria quality that makes zinc an ideal material for work surfaces in restaurants, cafes and public houses.  This is why so many of our clients are from the hospitality industry.

Benefits of Zinc

  • anti-bacterial quality
  • cosmopolitan style
  • natural and durable

We provide a tailor-made service, so if you have got an eye for interior design and want a cutting edge look, can supply zinc worktops and zinc bartops that stand out from the crowd.

Zinc worktop with aged patina
Zinc worktop with aged patina